Although summer is fast approaching, I’ve only actually got started on my spring cleaning last weekend!  Spring cleaning is definitely not something I look forward to doing, however the end result is always worth the time and effort.  This month I’m collaborating with Mayfair Granite and Better Housekeeper to give you some tips on how to make spring cleaning your house less of a chore in time for summer.

Start by getting all your cleaning supplies together first

I always find it easier and more motivating to get started on my spring cleaning by getting all my supplies together first, whether that’s the vacuum cleaner, a multi-surface cleaner or anything similar. That way, once I get started cleaning I can plug in my earphones, listen to some music and get in the zone, without having to stop mid-way to go and look for more supplies!

Empty, re-fill, re-organise

Once I have my gathered all of my supplies, I then start to empty out my cupboards – getting rid of anything old or unwanted, cleaning the space they were in with some multi-purpose cleaner, waiting for this to dry, and then re-filling and re-organising the space.  


When it comes to cleaning more stubborn areas of the house, such as the freezer or the oven, I find that a bit more care and patience goes a long way.  When cleaning the freezer, I always find it handy to turn the freezer off and empty it out – throwing away any severely out-of-date food products along the way.  Once the freezer has been emptied, I use a cloth dipped in warm/hot water to wipe away as much ice as possible, then chip away at any stubborn ice until that’s gone too.

What are your top tips for spring cleaning your house?


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