Lush Twilight


The Lush Twilight Bath Bomb is one product from Lush which I’d wanted to try for well over a year. Despite it being raved about so much online – by fellow lavender-lovers like myself – I only got to try it out for the first time last month.

The Twilight Bath Bomb contains calming Lavender Oil and smells predominantly of lavender – which you will either love or hate.  I adore the smell of lavender and find it to be super relaxing, especially before getting into bed.  The bath bomb also contains sweetly scented Tonka Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid, and Ylang Ylang Oil.  According to Lush, this combination of essential oils is perfect for helping you to get ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

The Twilight Bath Bomb is pink with stars and the moon on the outside.  However, once this is dropped into the bath, the water goes from pink, to light blue, to a gorgeous shimmery deep purple colour.

Overall, I found this to be one of Lush’s most relaxing bath bombs, and is absolutely perfect for an evening bath!  I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Have you tried Twilight?

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