Topshop Tile Print Jeans

Did I ever mention how much I love spring!?  With the slightly warmer weather, the birds tweeting the flowers blooming, and my birthday getting closer, spring has a special place in my heart!

However that’s not all – I absolutely love the fashion in spring.  Following the slightly-more-dull colours everyone seems to wear in winter, I really enjoy bringing out all the pastels, florals and printed items of clothing I own and styling them to my heart’s content.  Earlier today I decided to take some photos and share with you some of my favourite spring jeans and trousers to hopefully inspire you to add some colour and print to your spring wardrobe.  And a certain little cat couldn’t resist getting in on the action, either!

Geometric Print Jeans

I picked up these geometric print jeans from Topshop two years ago and they are possibly my favourite pair of jeans that I own.  I love bringing them back out at springtime and styling them with a plain white blouse and some white plimsolls.  They are such an easy way of injecting something fresh into your outfit with minimal effort.  

Primark Floral Trousers

Primark Floral Trousers

Ginger cat

Floral Trousers

Spring is the perfect time to bring out all the florals, however this does not only have to be floral shirts and dresses.  A floral pair of trousers is a fun and slightly different way of adding some ‘spring’ to your outfit!  I picked up this pair of trousers from Primark a while ago, and I love styling it with a pink cami or a white blouse.  

Pastel Jeans
If you’d rather stick to something plain on your bottom half, a pair of pastel jeans are a great option!  I bought this pair of pastel pink jeans from Primark last year, however pastel jeans are all over the high street this year as well!  Simply style these with a black, white or monochrome print top and you’re good to go!

Which trousers do you prefer?


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