Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I’ve had dry, frizz-prone hair ever since I can remember and as I also regularly straighten it, my hair has been left looking and feeling quite damaged.  I recently came across the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment on a trip to Boots and as the product has been receiving quite a lot of praise online I decided to try it out.

I was a big fan of the Lee Stafford range a few years ago – the bright pink packaging across the range was bound to catch my 13-year old eyes!  However, I hadn’t used any products from the range in absolutely ages.  Although I’m not particularly looking to grow my hair past a certain length, I figured that in order for something to help grow your hair long, it needs to make your hair look and feel healthy – and healthy looking hair is what I’m after!

The Hair Growth Treatment promises to create a healthy environment on the scalp by improving the health of your hair follicles as well as improving the strength of your hair from deep within.  It also claims to soothe the and moisturise the scalp and helps to reduce hair loss.  Unlike most other hair treatments I’ve tried, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is massaged both into the roots as well as the ends of the hair, and is used in between your regular shampoo and conditioner.

I have used the product a few times now, and although I haven’t noticed any difference in the length of my hair yet (I would give this a few more months), what I have noticed is a big difference in the health of my hair.  Going through the extra step of using the treatment in between my shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and nourished, and it looks a lot shinier than usual too.  Not to mention it leaves my hair smelling great!  Using this product has reminded me just how great the Lee Stafford range really is, and that I should really go back to using more of their products.  I would highly recommend trying this out if your hair is in need of a nourishing treatment!

Have you tried anything from the Lee Stafford range?

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