Limited edition products: I love them.  Yet at the same time, I kind of hate them too!  Recently, I’ve been using up the last bit of what’s left of my Christmas limited edition products.  There were some products I absolutely loved last Christmas, however I hate the fact that they’re not available all year round!  How else am I supposed to satisfy my Lush Golden Wonder craving!?

  • The Body Shop’s Glazed Apple range

There’s something about the sweet, tangy scent of the range which reminds me of when I was little – and I absolutely love it!  The Glazed Apple range returned to The Body Shop as a limited edition range last Christmas following its success the previous year.  In fact, I don’t know anyone who’s smelt the products from this range and hasn’t been a fan!  I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that this will make a comeback next Christmas – or even better, become part of the permanent collection!

  • Lush Golden Wonder

Everyone knows (or indeed, is) a Snow Fairy fan, however it’s all about the Lush Golden Wonder bath bomb for me!  This is one of Lush’s bigger bath bombs, and it’s got everything I’d have ever wanted in a bath bomb.  This contains an uplifting blend of citrus oils, including Lime Oil and Orange Oil – so it’s not your typical Christmas scent, but one that would work nicely all year round.  In addition to its gorgeous scent, this transforms your bath into what I like to call magical mermaid water – a beautiful turquoise colour with gold lustre and gold stars!

  • Lush Shoot for the Stars

The Lush Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is right up there with Golden Wonder for me at Christmas! This bath bomb may share the same scent as the Honey Bee bath bomb from the permanent collection, but it makes your bath look so much prettier than the Honey Bee’s yellow shade #notafan! Shoot for the Stars contains Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil, although it’s overall fragrance is more like toffee – and it turns your bath a beautiful deep blue colour with silver lustre, just like the night sky.

  • Yankee Snowflake Cookie

I love burning scented candles all year round, however there’s something even more special and cosy about burning a candle in winter when it’s cold and dark outside.  I always look forward to the Yankee Candle collection at Christmas, and the Snowflake Cookie candle in particular!  This sweet-scented candle leaves the house smelling just like freshly baked, iced cookies and I just wish the house could smell like this all year round!

What limited edition Christmas product do you wish was available all year round?


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