Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With less than two weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect time to round up some of my favourite gift ideas in one post.  So if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to treat your loved ones, or even yourself, this Valentine’s keep on reading!

For the blogger: Panasonic bridge camera

Bridge cameras are the perfect type of camera for any blogger who wants to upgrade from a point-and-shoot camera to improve the quality of their photos.  Up until last year, all my blog photos were taken using my iPhone, however since upgrading to a camera I feel that the quality of my photos has drastically improved, as has my motivation to blog!  Panasonic recently launched their next generation bridge cameras, which are well worth checking out!

For the beauty lover: Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette

Anything from Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup range is guaranteed to make any beauty or makeup enthusiast burst with happiness on Valentine’s Day.  Not only is the quality of Charlotte Tilbury’s products amazing, but the packaging looks and feels so luxurious!  The eyeshadow palettes in particular would make a great gift – I’ve had my eye on The Dolce Vita palette for a while now!

For the one who loves food: Freshly baked goodies

Of course, you could always surprise your loved one with a big box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, however, why not go the extra mile and bake something especially for them?  Complete your baked goodies with a sprinkle of edible heart confetti and you’ve got yourself a pretty special gift right there!

For the sentimental one: A DIY frame

I’m a huge fan of sentimental gifts!  I love all the thought that goes into them, and they are probably my favourite type of gifts ever.  Fortunately, sentimental gifts are not hard to make!  Simply print some of your favourite photos of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend/cat, or better still, collect a few polaroid pictures of you together, and place them in a glass frame along with a couple of tickets or anything which holds great memories of you together, and you’re guaranteed to make your loved one smile!

For the romantic one: Flowers

Flowers are a highly appreciated gift all year round, however there’s something extra special about receive a bouquet of flowers from your loved one or your friends on Valentine’s Day – no matter how cliché that might be!

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This is a collaborative post.