I have been an avid user of social media for almost 10 years now – and saying that makes me feel so old!  However, ever since I was around 14 years old I would frequently be found on a laptop exploring good old MySpace or Bebo, interacting with my friends or discovering new music online. I then moved on to Facebook – which I initially hated, then grew to love, then hated again – before setting up a Twitter, Instagram and most recently a YouTube account.  I have been on social media for a good chunk of my life!

Having been working in digital marketing for the past year, I have grown increasingly interested in the world of social media – and I was intrigued when ‘The Bluffers Guide to Social Media‘ landed on my doorstep a few weeks ago!

The Bluffer’s Guide series is a collection of pocket-sized books on a variety of subjects, all of which are written by experts.  The latest book in the series, which focuses on social media was written by Susie Boniface – a writer, journalist and blogger who knows her social media!

When I first opened my copy of The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media I was instantly gripped.  The book gives you an insight into the world of social media and allows you to instantly gain all the knowledge required to pass as an expert in the world of social media.  Although I am very familiar with social media, having used it for so many years, I still found this to be a really fun and interesting read.  The book covers everything from the history of several current and past social media channels, to tips on how to become a social media monster – and it’s all written in a funny, engaging way.

I found The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media an easy read, packed with fun and interesting tips which you can use to improve your social media presence, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an avid user when it comes to social media.  

Available for £6.99 here.

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