As last Tuesday was officially Pancake Tuesday, I decided to bring out the flour, sugar and eggs and attempt to make some fluffy American pancakes!  This was only my 3rd time making American pancakes, so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out – and although some of them turned out a little bit browner than I’d have liked, they still tasted pretty delicious!

I decided to use this pancake recipe to make my pancakes as it seemed pretty straight forward and I conveniently had all the ingredients I needed in the kitchen!

Once the pancakes were all cooked, it was time to add some toppings!  I would normally always slather loads of Nutella on mine, however this time I decided to go for two different and slightly healthier options.

The first topping I went for was strawberries and agave syrup, with some sugar sprinkled on top. This one tasted absolutely delicious!  Agave syrup is a great alternative to honey or maple syrup as it has a lower Glycemic Index, meaning that it’s better for you than the latter two.

The second topping I went for was another very simple one – Agave syrup and cacao nibs.  The Agave syrup ensures that the pancakes don’t feel dry, whilst the cacao nibs add a little chocolatey taste and some crunch – yum!

As you can probably tell I stuck to some very simple toppings this Pancake Tuesday, however they still tasted delicious! 

What’s your favourite pancake topping?


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