I have naturally curly hair, which tends to be quite dry.  Over the years I’ve tried countless products, all of which claim to tame frizz and leave you with silky, soft and healthy looking hair.  However, it’s only over the past year or so when I discovered some products which actually do what they promise to do – and so I thought I’d share my hair care favourites with you today.

Herbal Essences is a brand which I used to absolutely love in my teens.  Their range of hair care products come in a fantastic range of scents and formulations suited to pretty much all hair types.  I remember being a big fan of the ‘Hello Hydration’ range which contains coconut and orchid extracts and leaves your hair smelling absolutely amazing.  Some time last year I rediscovered the brand and decided to try out the ‘Bee Strong’ strengthening shampoo and conditioner.  The formula contains extracts of honey and apricot, which claim to leave your hair feeling silky and strong.  And I’m now very pleased to report that I finally found a shampoo and conditioner which leave my hair looking and feeling so much better.  I’ve even had other people notice that it’s been looking a lot shinier lately!  At just £3.99 per bottle, it’s hard to believe how amazing these are!

The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is pretty much magic oil for your hair!  I bought a bottle of this last summer after hearing so many people rave about this online – and I must say it is totally worth the hype.  The product is made out of a blend of 6 different flower oils, and is described as a ‘5-in-1 miracle hair perfector’.  Not only does it protect your hair from temperatures of up to 230°C, but it also smoothes and nourishes the hair, leaves it looking shiny, feeling soft and perfects the hair.  This is available for £9.99 and as you need to use so little, the bottle will last for ages!  Check out my full review here.

I first tried out this hair spray about 2 or 3 years ago as the ‘iced raspberry and vanilla’ scent intrigued me.  A few years on, and this is still my go-to hair spray!  Not only does the spray leave your hair smelling great, but it also does a pretty decent job at holding your hair in place.  I must admit I don’t use hair spray as often nowadays, but when I do I also reach for this one.  I also think that the packaging of this (and all other Fudge Urban hair products) is so eye-catching and looks great on my dressing table!

Although I’ve always loved the Batiste dry shampoo range and the way they leave my hair feeling fresh, I’m not really a fan of their scents.  On the other hand, the COLAB dry shampoo collection comes in an amazing range of scents which pretty much double up as hair perfume!  My favourite scent from the collection is ‘New York’, which leaves your hair smelling fresh and fruity.  The COLAB dry shampoo range is also pretty invisible, unlike some other dry shampoos which I have tried, so it can also be used to add some volume to the hair, without it feeling gritty.  Plus it’s very well-priced at just £3.49 for a huge bottle!

What are your hair care favourites?


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