Finishing university and entering the wild world of work at the end of last year has got me thinking about all the things I want to do and the places I’d love to travel to in my life.  Into The Blue recently surveyed over 1000 Brits about what was on their bucket list.  Unsurprisingly, almost half the respondents said that travel was at the top of their bucket list, followed by experiences such as skydiving or swimming with dolphins which you can see in the infographic below (which I found quite inspiring!).

So, if you’d like to discover what’s on my bucket list – and add some ideas to your own – keep on reading!

  • Travel to Australia & New Zealand: I’d love to visit Australia and New Zealand to see what things are like on the other side of the world.  Also, I’ve got some family members living in Australia so it would be nice to meet them!
  • Travel to the USA: I’ve never been to the US before, and after seeing what it’s like in countless films and TV series, I’d love to experience it for myself.
  • Travel to Disneyland: This has been a dream of mine ever since I was little – I was obsessed with Mickey & Minnie! – so I’d love to visit Disneyland someday.
  • Go Skiing: I’ve always wanted to try out skiing so I definitely want to do this sometime!
  • Go Dog Sledding: Dog sledding looks like such an exhilarating experience!
  • Go Camping: Admittedly, I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy this one, however I’ve never been camping so I’d like to experience it at least once in my life – even though I know I might hate it!
  • Spend the Night in a Treehouse: I’d love to go on a treehouse holiday.  Being surrounded by nature and all the greenery would be so relaxing.
  • See the Northern Lights: This one needs no explanation – the Northern Lights look remarkable in all the photos I’ve seen so I’d love to see them for myself!
  • Fly First Class: Travelling in economy class can be quite uncomfortable at times, so I’d love to experience flying first class – at least once!
  • Own a Pet Cat: I absolutely love cats (#crazycatlady) so I’d love to have my own pet cat someday and give it all the snuggles in the world.
  • Own a Pet Dog called ‘Woof’: I recently spoke to my boyfriend about this, however he doesn’t agree – I can’t see why!  It would be so funny calling out to our pet dog ‘Woof’ in public!
  • Take up a New Sport: I’ve always enjoyed trying out different sports and exercise, and I’d love to try out something new, such as taking up running or having a go at playing a team sport.
  • Get Back into Dancing: I used to be so passionate about dancing up until I was around 14 – in fact, I did ballet for around 10 years!  After having recently attended a ballet concert by my old ballet school, I’d really love to get back into dancing again as I remember it being so much fun.
  • Organise the BEST Surprise Party Ever for my Family/Friends: I absolutely love surprising the people I love with things I know they would love and enjoy.
  • Grow my Blog: I’ve been working very hard on my blog, especially in the last few months, so I’d love for my blog to grow and grow.
  • Pursue my Passions: Ultimately, I’d love to pursue my passions – whatever these may be, whether they may change throughout my life – there’s nothing more fulfilling than that!

What’s on your bucket list? I’d love to know!

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