Soap and Glory Hand Food

I’ve been giving Soap and Glory lots of love on my blog lately – most recently in my ‘10 Beauty Products I Will Repurchase‘ post.  As always, Soap and Glory brought out some pretty amazing gift sets this Christmas, and I decided to treat myself to the ‘Winter Wonderhand’ gift set which contained their best-selling hand cream, ‘Hand Food’ – in three different scents!

I’ve been a fan of Soap and Glory’s original Hand Food for a good few years now.  The original product is fragranced with Soap and Glory’s ‘Original Pink’ scent, which is described as a “rose-and-bergamot” scent.  This smells very floral, fruity and girly, and very similar to the Miss Dior perfume, which is actually one of my all-time favourite perfumes!  

The hand cream is packed with super-moisturising ingredients such as shea butter and macadamia oil.  However, what I like most about the hand cream is that it is easily absorbed into the skin and although it leaves your hands smelling amazing, it doesn’t leave them feeling greasy at all – and you can go back to typing, writing or doing whatever you were doing just a minute or so after applying the hand cream!

The ‘Winter Wonderhand’ gift set contained the hand cream in an additional two fragrances, besides the Original Pink scent.  These were the ‘Sugar Crush’ and ‘Smoothie Star’ scent.  The ‘Sugar Crush’ scent is described as a ‘sweet lime’ fragrance, and if you’re a fan of the scent, you’ll be pleased to know that Soap and Glory have recently added the ‘Sugar Crush’ Hand Food as well as the ‘Sugar Crush’ Antibacterial Hand Gel to their permanent collection!  On the other hand, the ‘Smoothie Star’ Hand Food is a more foodie scent, and is described as an ‘almond-vanilla’ scent.

All three hand creams leave your hands feeling soft and smelling amazing!  I would say that the original Hand Food is still my favourite one, however it’s nice to have some different scents to play around with depending on your mood or the time of year.

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What’s your all-time favourite hand cream?

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