5 December 2015

We all have that one person in our lives who is so hard to find a perfect Christmas present for.  However, this year I have found the perfect gift idea, with the help of Thorntons!  After all, nobody can ever have enough chocolate!

Out of all the different chocolate brands available, Thorntons is the one which really stands out to me every Christmas!  They have an amazing selection of chocolate all year round, however they always have some truly special Christmas-themed products at this time of year.  These range from cute festive stocking fillers to large Christmas hampers, which would make any chocolate lover's dreams come true.

This year, Thorntons have designed the 'Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder'.  As Thorntons have such an extensive range of gifts, the Christmas gift finder is a very welcome addition to their site, and makes life so much easier when it comes to finding the perfect chocolatey gift.  The gift finder is really fun to use and is actually based on the real machines inside the Thorntons chocolate factory!  It  takes you through the chocolate-making process including the toffee pouring, chocolate decoration and crafting the chocolate fillings - yum!  Ultimately, the gift finder allows you to personalise your gift depending on the recipient and will recommend a few of Thorntons' special Christmas products which they are guaranteed to love!  

You can try out the Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder for yourself by clicking here.

What's your favourite chocolate from Thorntons?


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