Lush Shoot for the Stars

Although Christmas is now over (boooo!), I’m well stocked up on some of my favourite products from the Lush Christmas range.  The Lush Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is one that I pick up every year – and hope that they will re-stock the next year – as it’s got everything I look for in a bath bomb!

Among all the bath bombs on display at Lush, the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is one that instantly catches my attention.  It’s a big blue bath bomb with some silver shimmer, a shooting star and the swirling colours of the night sky, including flecks of yellow, pink and white.  However, once you pick this up and give it a sniff, this bath bomb gets even better.  If you’ve ever smelled the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, you will know exactly what this smells like – sweet, with a honey-toffee fragrance, which literally makes you want to give the bath bomb a good lick!

Once dropped into the bath, Shoot for the Stars starts to fizz away slowly, turning the water a shimmering, deep blue shade, which reminds me of a starry night sky.  It looks beautiful!  The bath bomb also releases small bits of pink, yellow and white, which settle on the surface of the water, as well as tiny lilac stars which (sadly) sink to the bottom of the bath.

Overall, this is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, both for the scent as well as for the way it makes the water look!  Although this bath bomb won’t be available again until next year (I hope!), your local Lush store may have some leftover – it’s worth popping in and having a look!  

If you’re looking for a bath bomb with a similar scent that is available all year round, check out the Honey Bee bath bomb!

What Lush Christmas 2015 product are you hoping will make a return next year?


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