I’ve always loved Lancome mascaras, particularly the original Lacome Hypnose mascara, which I reviewed on this blog around a year ago.  And after hearing great things about the Lancome Grandiose, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

The Lancome Grandiose mascara is described as a ‘wide-angle fan effect’ mascara and promises to help you achieve open, fanned-out, and full lashes – adding both length and volume.  As I love having dramatic lashes, whatever makeup look I’m going for, this mascara sounded absolutely perfect for me.  What makes this mascara so unique is the Swan-Neck wand, which you can see in the photo above.  The curved wand and high-precision brush were designed by Lancome to help you get as close to the roots of your lashes as possible, and to help you coat every single lash.

I must admit, at first I found the wand quite strange to work with as I’d only ever used normal mascara wands.  However, after using the mascara for a few weeks I found it much easier to work with, and can now see how the curved wand helps you reach every lash, without smudging mascara over your nose (yes, this has happened to me a few times!).  

As the name would suggest, the packaging itself is rather grand.  It’s definitely not the most travel-friendly mascara, as it’s pretty huge – almost the same size as my foundation bottle!  However, it looks gorgeous and even contains a 3D rose at the top.

As for the results, I found this mascara to be add lots of volume, without looking clumpy, and fanned-out my lashes quite nicely, creating a false-lash look.  Although I have achieved similar results with drugstore mascaras, such as the L’Oreal False Lash Flutter, the Lancome Grandiose is definitely a more luxurious option – possibly the most luxurious mascara I have ever owned.


The Lancome Grandiose mascara is definitely not cheap, coming in at £24.50.  However, it’s definitely one to consider if you’re looking to treat yourself!

Read my review for the Lancome Hypnose.

What’s your favourite high-end mascara?


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