Earlier this month I posted a Lush haul, where I picked up some bits from the Winter collection at Lush.  One of the products which I was very excited to be reunited with this year was the Snow Angel Bath Melt.

The Snow Angel bath melt is definitely not the most exciting looking bath product from Lush, especially when looked at from the front.  However, it does have a super pretty and shiny golden back!  Nevertheless, I actually hadn’t picked this up last year until the amazing boxing day sale at Lush – and the only thing I regretted was not stocking up on more of these!

The Snow Angel bath melt is made out of fair trade organic cocoa butter.  This makes this bath melt perfect for using when your skin is in need of some added moisture, especially during the winter months.  It also contains a blend of rose absolute, benzoin resinoid and cassie absolute, all of which combine to create the most gorgeous, delicate marzipan scent.  In fact, this bath melt smells exactly like one of Lush’s most popular Christmas soaps, Snowcake.

Once the bath melt is dropped into the bath, it slowly fizzes away, turning the water a shimmery golden-yellow colour and leaving some white foam on top.  As the it contains a good helping of cocoa butter, it leaves the water feeling super soft, and you can see bits of melted cocoa butter floating on the surface.  This really is one of the most luxurious feeling bath products that I have tried so far from Lush, and definitely one of the most moisturising!

I would recommend the Lush Snow Angel bath melt to anyone looking for a super moisturising bath treat, with a delicate and slightly sweet scent.  I will definitely be stocking up on these before Christmas!



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