Topshop 'Which girl are you?'

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is some online shopping.  I particularly love browsing the Topshop website, and recently bought two of my current favourite clothing items from there, including a denim pinafore dress and a denim A-line skirt.  I’m really looking forward to wearing throughout the autumn and winter, with a checked shirt, black tights and some cute chelsea boots!

However, with all that the Topshop website has to offer, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin, and some personal style recommendations would be really helpful.

Topshop recently launched their “Which girl are you?” quiz – a fun and easy-to-fill quiz all about your personal style.  Once you submit your answers, you will get your very own “style persona” complete with tailored style recommendations from the Topshop website.  These recommendations are based on your celebrity style icon, your favourite colours to wear, which areas of your body you most like to show off or cover up, as well as how much you would normally spend on different clothing items.

I recently completed the quiz and found that my style persona is “the pretty girl”, which is all about dressing in a fun, girly and feminine style.  I had a look through some of my item recommendations from the Topshop website and was so impressed with this – it was spot on!  My recommendations consisted of items that complement my style, including lots of floral patterns, woodland prints (which I am currently loving!) and items which flatter my body shape, including A-line skirts and slim-fit blouses.

Topshop 'Which girl are you?'

I would highly recommend trying out the Topshop “Which girl are you?” quiz for yourself.  You can take the quiz by clicking here.

Let me know what your style persona is below!


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