Having been a university student for the past 5 years I’ve experienced some amazing times, such as meeting some of my best friends there, as well as other, more stressful times at university, such as exams and writing up a dissertation.  And through experiencing all of this, I came up with a list of things which have really helped me along the way – and which could be useful to any of you who are currently starting out at uni!

1. Friends can be a great motivation!

University is a great way to make new friends, and allows you to build some of your closest friendships!  Of course, friends are great for hanging out with and having a laugh  (a great form of stress relief!).  However, I also found my friends to be a huge motivation for me during my time at university, especially during stressful times.  I found it so helpful talking through problems, such as those associated with exams, with my friends, who were going through the same problems.  Here are some great tips on making friends at university.

2. Plan your time well!

One of the most important things I learnt from my time at university is the importance of managing my time well!  It’s easy to fall behind on uni work, and then feel overwhelmed and stressed by all the work that has accumulated, so I tried my best to avoid this.  My top tip for time management is to make a list of all the things you need to do and plan how many days it will take you to complete the task.  For example, if I had an exam coming up, I would write down the list of topics I need to study, and write a list of what days I would study each topic.  

3. Combat stress!

As well as all the great times you will experience at university, stressful times are an inherent part of university life.  However, the good news is that these times get better, and there are lots of things you can do in order to reduce the amount of stress you experience too!  Allowing enough time to get a good night’s sleep, exercising, and avoiding procrastination are three things which I always found to be really helpful.  You can also read some more great tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety in my previous blog posts here and here.

You can find some more great tips for surviving uni, including some great tips on saving money when you’re a student and how to survive living in a shared student house over on Student HQ.

What are your top tips for surviving uni?


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