Sometimes, when I’m browsing some of my favourite online stores, I fall in love with certain items which I know are probably just a little bit silly.  And no matter how many times my boyfriend asks me whether I’m 5 years old, or whether my friends think it’s all a bit of a joke, I just can’t help myself!

And so, here is my ASOS silly fashion wishlist for this month!  Who knows, this might even become a monthly thing!?

1. Eleven Paris Sweatshirt Co-Ord in Mickey Mouse Hands Print

I’ve loved Disney, and particularly Mickey & Minnie ever since I can remember!  And until this day, any Mickey or Minnie item reminds me of the great times I had when I was little, playing with my Mickey and Minnie soft toys and dressing up in my little Minnie Mouse dress!  I think this Micky Mouse hands print sweater is so cute!

2. Adolescent Clothing Eyebrows on Fleek Nightshirt

I think nightwear is the one area of fashion where you can really go all-out, and wear the silliest thing (*cough* such as my Cookie Monster onesie), without having anyone judge you.  This particular nightshirt is pretty tame on my nightwear spectrum, however something about it made me smile!  

3. Melissa Ultragirl Black Cat Flat Shoes

I love cats, and pretty much anything with a cat print on.  Not only are these cat shoes perfect for halloween, but they’re just so cute!  I love the little silver cat ears and nose, and would wear these out with pride!

4. ASOS Nutty Unicorn Slippers

These AMAZING unicorn slippers are actually what inspired this whole blog post, which is amazing enough in itself!  I love pretty much everything about these slippers – the fact they’re unicorns, the sparkly silver horn, the rainbow faux fur – what’s not to love about these?  These will definitely be *slipping* (sorry) into my shopping basket very soon!

5. Skinny Dip Mermaid Shell Across Body Bag
What better way to feel like a magical creature, than wearing this mermaid shell bag?  The shiny, blue-green colour looks magical, and will make any outfit instantly more interesting!  Good bye, plain black clutch – hello mermaid shell bag!

6. Skinny Dip Exclusive Cat Googly Eyes Makeup Bag
This super cute googly eye cat print makeup bag is perfect for halloween.  Not only does the cat print look adorable, but the fact that its transparent makes this makeup bag great for finding the makeup item you’re looking for as quickly as possible.  It’s also the perfect size for travelling, and check out the gorgeous gold zip detail!  Purrrrrrfect.

What’s your favourite item from my silly fashion wishlist?


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