Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Face Cream SPF 50

Everyone knows just how important wearing SPF is all year round.  However, it was only this summer that I started to take wearing SPF seriously.  I had previously tried out several different face SPF products, but they all seemed to break me out.  

I then decided to purchase the Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Face Cream SPF 50 on a whim on a trip to the supermarket at the beginning of summer – and I’m so glad I did!

The Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze range’s main selling point is that it contains a pro-melanin plant extract that provides sun protection whilst supporting the skin’s natural tanning ability.  However, it does not contain any self-tan.  This sounded perfect as I do prefer to wear a higher SPF on my face than the rest of my body, but this does mean that I am risking my face being a shade or two paler than the rest of my body.  The cream comes in two strengths of SPF, 30 or 50, and offers both UVA and UVB protection, whilst also being water resistant.  It claims to be light, non-greasy and moisturising.

After having used the product for the entire summer, I can say that it does really live up to most of its claims!  As soon as I apply the cream to my skin, it feels moisturising and light on the skin.  It gets absorbed into the skin within a minute or so, leaving a non-greasy finish and is a great base for makeup.  In fact, I find that my foundation sits better on my skin when I’ve got this on underneath!  Another great thing about this product is that it does not break me out!  One thing I must mention is that it does have a slightly ‘suncream’ smell to it, however this starts to disappear after 30 minutes, so I don’t really mind it!  

As for whether the product helped me achieve a bronzed look, well, it didn’t really.  However, this might have something to do with the fact that my skin doesn’t seem to have much in terms of ‘natural tanning ability’, and so this might work better on those of you who would naturally get quite tanned.

Nevertheless, I would still highly recommend this product, and will continue to use this throughout the rest of the year.  It’s a great base for makeup, feels moisturising, doesn’t break me out, and best of all it helps protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays!

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Face Cream SPF 50 is available for £6.50 from Boots.


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