Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I’ve been a fan of Lush bath products for years now.  However, until recently, I always walked right past their skincare products having not thought much of them.  This all changed last month when I decided to check out their skincare ranged and picked up two of their items – the Lush Eau Roma Toner Water (review here) and one of their face masks – the Mask of Magnaminty.

The Lush Mask of Magnaminty is a face and body mask which specifically targets skin that is prone to breakouts.  The mask contains peppermint oil, which cools the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed, marigold oil, which is renowned for its skin soothing properties, honey, kaolin and kabuki beans to gently exfoliate the skin.  The mask smells to me exactly like After Eights – a minty, chocolatey scent, which is so nice!  

I’ve got quite sensitive skin and quite a few face masks tingle and sting when I first apply them, however I am very pleased to say that I do not experience any stinging whatsoever with the Mask of Magnaminty – hooray!  I normally apply the mask once or twice a week, depending on how much TLC my skin requires – and leave the mask on for around 15-20 minutes.  

Although this is a clay mask, I find that it’s really easy to rinse off and it doesn’t get uncomfortably hard on the skin.  Once I rinse it off, my skin is left feeling really soft and looking quite glowy.  I also notice that any redness from breakouts is always much more reduced after using the mask.  It’s also improved my skin’s general condition as I seem to be getting less breakouts since I added this mask to my skincare routine, along with the Lush Eau Roma Toner Water.

I would highly recommend trying out the Lush Mask of Magnaminty if you’ve got sensitive skin that is prone to break outs.  I can’t wait to pop back into Lush and try out some more products from their skincare range!

You can watch me talk about this product on my September Beauty Favourites YouTube video.


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