I’m a huge fan of 7th Heaven (formerly known as Montagne Jeunesse) face masks and reach for them pretty much every time my skin needs some extra TLC.  Lately I’ve been getting some not-so-pleasant breakouts and so I decided to try out the 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Face Mask.

Tea tree oil has been descibed as a ‘skin miracle’ and has been used since ancient times to treat anything from cuts and wounds to burns and skin infections thanks to its antiseptic properties.  As I have been suffering from breakouts recently, a tea tree face mask sounded perfect.  

Besides tea tree oil, the face mask contains witch hazel, which aids skin repair, and willowherb, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Together, these are great for calming down any redness and getting rid of any impurities associated with breakouts and acne.  

As soon as I applied the mask to my skin, it instantly felt cooling and stung slightly at first (I have quite sensitive skin).  However, it stopped stinging after a minute or two and felt nice and relaxing.  You can really smell the tea tree oil in the mask, which I quite like.

After around 20-25 minutes, the mask was all dry and ready to be peeled off.  After doing so my skin felt super soft and any redness I had calmed down.  It also left my skin feeling nice and glowy.  I would say this mask is most suitable for those with oily/combination skin or those suffering from any breakouts.

As with all other 7th Heaven products, this face mask is cruelty-free and uses natural ingredients.  It is available for just £1 from Boots.  

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