Ultimate Spa Bathroom

Ultimate Spa Bathroom

There’s certainly no better way to unwind than having a relaxing pamper night!  UK Bathrooms recently conducted a study to find out what people would like to have to create the ultimate spa in their own bathrooms at home.  The most popular objects that people mentioned were whirlpool baths, saunas and massaging showers (yes please!) – You can check out the full results on the Better Decorating Bible.  

However, no ultimate spa bathroom experience would be complete without some products to pamper yourself.  Discover my top 5 products for having the best possible spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

1. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

The Sugar Crush body scrub by Soap & Glory has been my go-to body scrub for the past two years. The body scrub contains smashed brown sugar, almond oil, lime and macadamia grains.  It smells absolutely delicious and makes such a huge difference to my skin in terms of making it feel super soft and moisturised.  Check out my full review here.

2. Aussie Shower Smoothie Body Wash

I have always loved Aussie’s hair products as they smell amazing and really do work!  And the newly-launched body wash range from Aussie is just as good as their hair products.  I have been loving the Shower Smoothie body wash, which I reviewed here as it helps to leave my skin feeling soft and pampered, even on the most stressful of days.

3. Sanctuary Spa Cooling Body Sorbet

This body sorbet from Sanctuary Spa is perfect for keeping the skin fresh, cool and moisturised during the warm summer months.  The product is infused with waterlily, cucumber water and soothing aloe vera – it feels so refreshing on the skin!

4. Lush Brightside Bubble Bar

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a Lush bath whenever you’re in need of some pampering. The Brightside bubble bar from Lush is one of my favourites to use in the summer.  Bursting with tangerine oil, bergamot oil and gardenia extract, this bubble bar turns your bath water orange, fills your bath with lots of bubbles and fills your bathroom with a fresh and uplifting citrusy smell!

5. Lily Flame Fairy Dust Scented Candle

There’s no better way to complete a pamper night than by lighting a beautifully scented candle while relaxing in a bubble bath.  One of my favourite scented candles is the Fairy Dusy candle by Lily Flame – although the scent is difficult to describe, Lily Flame describe it as ‘powdery, warm, sparkly and magical’ – which I completely agree with!

What products do you love to use on a pamper night?