25 July 2015


Ever since I received the GHD Eclipse for my birthday earlier on this year, I have been loving how easily I can straighten my thick and curly hair.  However, this along with getting highlights put in my hair has left it feeling slightly more dry.  

So, on one of my recent trips to Boots where I bought (pretty much) the entire shop - beauty haul here -  I decided to pick up the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, as I had heard some pretty good stuff about it on YouTube.

Having the word 'oil' in a hair product can put some people off as normally oil = greasy hair.  As I have pretty dry hair, which does not tend to get too greasy, having the word 'oil' on a hair product instantly draws me to it!  However, even if you do tend to have more greasy hair, the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil promises to be perfectly non-greasy.  Due to its ultra-absorbant texture, the product claims to instantly penetrate the hair and nourish it.  The product contains a blend of 6 different flower oils; Lotus oil, Camomile oil, Tiare oil, Matricaria oil, Rose oil and Flax oil, which together have the power to 'transform dry hair into silk'.

In addition to all of this, the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil claims to be very versatile as you can apply it either before shampooing, before blowdrying or as a finishing touch.  As it contains heat protection for temperatures up to 230°C, I tend to use mine before straightening my hair.  I then add just a little more of it after I have finished straightening my hair to give it some extra softness and shine, and get rid of an flyaways.  

I can honestly say that this has been one of the best purchases I have made all month.  

Just 2 drops of the Extraordinary Oil completely transforms my hair, making it feel silky soft as well as look and feel so much healthier.  And at just £9.99 for 100ml of product, I know that this bottle will last me absolutely ages!

Have you tried the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil?  What are your favourite hair care products?

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