11 July 2015

Bella Italia Edinburgh

Last week, me and my boyfriend celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and as we were on holiday in Edinburgh we decided to go out for a nice meal in the evening.

We decided to go to Bella Italia on Hanover Street in Edinburgh that evening - one of my favourite Italian restaurants.

Bella Italia is a fantastic Italian restaurant, and can be found all over the UK.  Their menu offers a great selection of pizza and pasta dishes, which follow delicious authentic Italian recipes.

Bella Italia Menu

Upon being given the menu, I excitedly looked through the various options.  However, I had my heart set on one particular dish from the start - the Pasta Marco Polo.  This consists of Casarecci pasta in a sweet plum sauce with shredded duck, spring onion and mushrooms.  And it is up there with my top 5 favourite and tastiest foods of all time.  Although plum sauce may not be something you would normally associate with a pasta dish, this just seems to work so perfectly as the sweetness of the sauce complements the duck so wonderfully.  #drooooool

Bella Italia Marco Polo
Plate of deliciousness
My boyfriend decided to go for an equally sounding delicious dish - the Pollo Formaggi al Forno.  This consisted of a baked shell pasta dish with chicken and pancetta in a four cheese sauce and topped with a cheese crumb topping. 

Bella Italia Pollo Formaggi al Forno

We were both so satisfied with our chosen meals at Bella Italia.  The atmosphere was relaxing and reminiscent of Italy, the staff were lovely and it was just an overall great experience (so much so that we visited Bella Italia again twice on our trip!)

I would highly recommend visiting a Bella Italia restaurant near you!

Check out some photos from my trip to Edinburgh.

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