Brainwavs S1 Headphones

I enjoy listening to music everyday – whether it’s some Olly Murs while I’m working, some Jack Johnson when I’m relaxing at home or something more upbeat while I’m working out!  This means that a good-quality pair of headphones is pretty much essential for me.  I was recently sent a pair of the Brainwavz S1 In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones, and I couldn’t wait to try them out!

I had never heard of the Brainwavz brand before, so I was eager to find out what these headphones would be like.  According to Brainwavz, the S1 model has been designed using an all-metal shell especially to provide a powerful bass, super-clear vocals and accurate sound reproduction.  The headphones have a flat, oxygen free cable, which means that they don’t get tangled up so easily.  They are designed to be worn over the ear to enhance sound isolation to allow you to get lost in your own musical world.

In addition to all of this, the Brainwavz S1 headphones come with a hard protective (snazzy looking) case, perfect for keeping your headphones safe while travelling.  They also come with an assortment of different headphone tips in different sizes, which makes the earphones fit comfortably no matter how big or small your ears are!  

Brainwavs S1 Headphones

Once I found the perfect headphone tips, which fitted super comfortably into my ears, I went ahead and played some Olly Murs (yes, again).  I was instantly hit by an amazing and rich sound quality, which could definitely rival higher-priced headphones.  The bass in particular sounds really impressive with these headphones.  They are perfect for using while working out as they block out any external noise and stay in place with no problem.  Also, due to their flat cable, I have not had to deal with as many #tangledheadphoneproblems as I normally do, which is great news!

I would highly recommend trying out these headphones as they are comfortable to wear and offer great sound quality!

The Brainwavz S1 In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones are available from Amazon.


*This post contains PR samples.  All opinions are my own, honest opinions.*