GHD Eclipse

Ever since I was little I’ve always had the most thick, curly and difficult-to-manage hair.  I tried several different straighteners from different brands throughout the years, but no matter how long I spent trying to straighten my hair, it would always go back to it’s puffy and unmanageable self just a few hours after straightening it!

For years, one of my friends (Hi Nicola!) kept insisting that I should try out GHDs, as she’s a HUGE fan.  And although I had always wanted to, I wasn’t sure whether they would be worth the price because my hair is just so difficult and I never imagined anything would straighten it, apart from a trip to the hairdresser.  

However, this all changed when I asked for the GHD Eclipse for my birthday last month…

The GHD Eclipse is the latest product from GHD and has been marketed as the hair straightener for hard-to-tame hair.  It promises to tackle any hair texture quickly and easily, and is set at what GHD believes is the optimum temperature for hair styling, 185°c.  In addition to this, the GHD Eclipse uses GHD’s new and patented tri-zone technology, which uses three heat sensors on each plate to ensure that no heat is lost while straightening and that a constant temperature is maintained throughout each stroke.  This promises to make the straightening process a lot quicker and have more long-lasting results.

Bearing all this in mind I could not wait to try it and find out whether I had finally found a product that can tackle my hair.

And I was so impressed!  When I first turned on my GHD Eclipse, I was impressed at just how fast it heated up – it probably takes around 20 seconds on average meaning that there’s no waiting around.  I then started straightening my natural, very curly hair and could not believe the results.  Unlike any other straighteners that I have used, my hair looked instantly smoother and shinier after just one stroke.  Of course, I still had to go over each section around 3-4 times for it to be completely straight but this was fine by me as I was achieving results that I would normally only receive after a trip to the hairdresser!  

Overall, I have been really impressed with the GHD Eclipse and have found the results to last long too!  My only wish is that I had tried out GHDs sooner – they have literally been life-changing, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

The GHD Eclipse is available for £145 from here.

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