Spring is in the air, and I am loving it!  If you have read my Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes post you would already know that I have been loving wearing brighter and lighter nail polishes this season!   However, this week I decided to have a go at something more fun – fruity nails!

I am by no means a nail art expert, so any nail art I do attempt is pretty simple to achieve!  I recently bought some ‘fruit fimo slices’ from eBay (such as these), which are small, assorted fruit shapes that you simply attach to your nails.  And best of all, they are extremely affordable!

I started out by applying two coats of Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Bikini’.  I then applied a one coat of my favourite top coat, Save The Nails 45 Second Top Coat on all my nails as I would normally do.   Before the top coat had dried, I got my passion fruit shape ready and attached it to my nail.  I then waited for the top coat to dry, and applied a little bit more of it where I wanted to stick the lemon, and did the same again to attach the apple!  When the nail was completely dry I applied one final, thin later of top coat over the whole thing to keep it all in place.  And I was done!

Let me know what you think of my fruit-inspired nail art in the comments!

Beauty And The Bird