Topshop Eye Palette 'Subversive'

Topshop Eye Palette 'Subversive'

Last December I posted my ‘Christmas party makeup look‘, where I chose to go for a smokey eye and bright lips.  In order to achieve the smokey eye, I decided to use the Topshop Smokey Eye Palette in ‘Subversive’ – and this week I will be sharing a more in-depth review of this gorgeous eyeshadow palette and also some swatches!

Although I previously tried out many of Topshop’s beauty products, I had never tried out any of their eyeshadows so I was really looking forward to trying this one out.  Pretty much all the eyeshadow palettes I own are neutral eyeshadow palettes and although I still love neutral shades, I thought that a bit of a change wouldn’t hurt – so I went for the ‘Subversive’ eyeshadow palette.. And I am SO pleased that I did!

As you can see from the swatches below, ‘Subversive’ contains four shimmery eyeshadows ranging from very light grey/pink to black.  The lightest shade is what I could only describe as a grey-toned, light pink/champagne colour (similar to MAC All That Glitters, but slightly less shimery and more grey-toned).  The next shade is a shimmery silvery-purple colour, followed by a shimmery charcoal/dark grey colour and finally a shimmery (and very pigmented) black shade.

Topshop Eye Palette 'Subversive'

I have been loving using this palette to create both daytime and nighttime makeup looks!  The two lighter shades are perfect during the daytime (with the lightest colour all over the eyeld and the purple colour in the crease) whereas using the lighter colours along with the dark grey and black shades are perfect for creating a smokey eye (such as the one in my Christmas party makeup look).  All four shades, especially the two darker colours are very pigmented and easy to blend.  I find they also last pretty much all day (or night) without using a primer.

At just £12, this works out at just £3 per eyeshadow, which I think is amazing value for the quality you get with these eyeshadows!  And if you’re more of a neutral eyeshadows girl, Topshop also have a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow palette which is worth checking out here.

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