Topshop Brow Fixer

Filling in my eyebrows is probably the most boring part of my makeup routine.  And after using the Sleek Brow Kit for well over a year (and which I reviewed here), I decided to try out the Topshop Brow Fixer in ‘Ponder’.

The Topshop Brow Fixer in ‘Ponder’ is a double-ended brow pencil, with a light ash brown pencil on one end, and a clear waxy end on the other side.   ‘Ponder’ is the perfect shade for blondes, as it is such a light shade of ash brown with no hint of red, unlike most brown eyebrow pencils.  The Brow Fixer also comes in another shade, ‘Worldly’, a medium-dark brown, suitable for those with darker hair.

I find the Brow Fixer so easy to use, and so much quicker than using a powder product to define my eyebrows!  I start by using the light brown end of the pencil to fill in and define my brows using hair-like strokes, then the clear wax side to set my brows in place – and it truly sets them in place for the rest of the day!  I also love the fact that the wax is clear, rather than tinted (such as the one in the Sleek Brow Kit) as this helps me achieve the most natural, yet still defined look possible.

I would highly recommend the Topshop Brow Fixer, especially if you’re looking for a new, quick way to fill in, define and set your brows! And ‘Ponder’ is absolutely perfect if you’re blonde!

What’s your favourite eyebrow product?