Montagne Jeunesse Candyfloss

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know that I am a huge fan of Montagne Jeunesse face masks!  I previously reveiewed the Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque and the Hot Spring Sauna Mask.  The reason I love them so much is because they are cheap, easy to use, and most of all -they really work!  This week I decided to try out the delicious sounding ‘Candyfloss Scrub’ mask.  Read on to find out what I thought.

Sundays are officially Montagne Jeunesse Sundays!  I normally treat myself to a face mask every Sunday and so I could not resist picking up the ‘Candyfloss Scrub’ when I spotted it in Primark for just 90p!

The Candyfloss Scrub mask contains Passion Flower and Honey Crystals, as well as other hydrating and soothing ingredients including almond oil, argan oil and aloe vera  leaf juice.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the pack is just how amazing it smells!  It smells just like sugary, strawberry flavoured sweets and contains lots of exfoliating sugar particles.  Unlike what is shown on the front of the pack (like pink icing), the actual face mask has more of a gel consistency – which I really like.  Also, unlike all the other Montagne Jeunesse face masks I’ve tried, this mask needs to be heated by placing the pack in some hot water (or under some running hot tap water) before tearing the packet open and applying all over the face.  

My skin has not been looking or feeling its best recently, so I was aware that this product would need to really work in order for me to notice any results.  So, I applied the product to my face and left it on for the recommended 15 minutes.  (I must admit, a tiny bit of the product slipped into my mouth during this time and it actually tasted quite nice!)  I then massaged it gently over my face to gently exfoliate my skin, rinsed it off and patted my skin dry.  

I was so impressed with the way it left my skin feeling – soft, hydrated and looking radiant!  I also noticed any spots or red areas looked soothed and so much better than they had before using the mask.

Although I can’t find the product on the Montage Jeunesse website, it is available in Primark for just 90p.  I would highly recommend trying this one out – especially if you’re into your sweet treats!