Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

love a good mascara and am always on the hunt for an even better mascara that will make my lashes look longer and thicker!  Having previously tried the Lancome Hypnose mascara in sample size, I decided to go ahead and buy the full size version back when it was on offer earlier this year (and in fact cost less than the last mascara I reviewed, the L’Oreal Million Lashes!).

So, what did I think of the Lancome Hypnose mascara, and would I choose to re-purchase it at its full price of £22.50?

Having used and loved only drugstore mascaras (particularly Maybelline and L’Oreal) during the past few years, I decided to treat myself to the Lancome Hypnose mascara as I really liked the sample size version of this. 

The Lancome Hypnose mascara promises to give six times more volume to your lashes with no clumps and separate lashes while also being smudge proof and feel ultra light.  And this is definitely what it does!  I fould that this mascara, more than any other mascara I have tried, helped me achieve a ‘false lash’ look by (really) lengthening and adding volume to my lashes.  The only mascara which has come close to this in terms of length and volume is Maybelline The Falsies (which I reviewed here).  However, I found that the Lancome Hypnose mascara did not make my lashes feel ‘hard’ like Maybelline The Falsies does when I layer it on.  Instead, this felt my lashes feeling soft, flexible and lovely (not that anyone would feel my lashes anyway!!).  There were no clumps at all, and best of all it lasted all day without flaking AND was easy to remove at the end of the day!

The Lancome Hypnose mascara comes with a bristle brush (I hate plastic brushes!) which really helped distribute the product evenly and well to all my lashes.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Although the Lancome Hypnose mascara is quite pricey at £22.50, you really do get what you pay for and I do prefer this to the drugstore alternatives I have tried, particularly due to how much it lengthens my lashes and also because it lasts all day without flaking but is still really easy to remove at the end of the day.  However, if you want to achieve similar effects length/volume-wise, some drugstore mascaras, such as the Maybelline The Falsies (review here) come pretty close to this and I would definitely recommend them too.

Lancome Hypnose mascara is available from John Lewis.

What’s your favourite mascara?  Do you prefer drugstore or high end mascaras?