21 November 2014

Christmas Jumpers
One of my favourite things about Christmas time is without a doubt Christmas jumpers!  I've been browsing all my favourite clothing websites and have picked out my top 5 Christmas jumpers for you!

This is by far one of the cutest Christmas jumpers I have seen this year!  I can't resist anything with Mr & Mrs Claus on it - and they've even got fluffy hair and a fluffy beard on this jumper! #love

I love a jumper with a slogan on the front - and this is no exception when it comes to Christmas jumpers!  The print on this jumper can't possibly get any more Christmassy (unless, perhaps, it was green, red and white!?)
 Christmas Jumpers
 If you're looking for a Christmas jumper that's slightly more stylish side of things, this one from Boohoo is perfect!  Although it hasn't got any Christmas slogans or pictures, the gorgeous green, red and white fairisle print is still Christmassy without being OTT.
Another jumper with an elf-related slogan (Can you tell I like these!?).  This jumper comes in grey and red, and if you want to be really cheesy this Christmas, there's a guy version of this jumper too, which you can find here.
 If you're looking to wrap yourself up (see what I did there!) in a warm jumper this Christmas - this fluffy white jumper from New Look is great.  There's nothing nicer than wearing a soft, fluffy jumper outside in the cold winter months!
Will you be getting a Christmas jumper this Christmas?  Which one is your favourite?

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