Dream Dots

From my experience, spots and blemishes always seem to make an appearance at the worst possible time!  That’s why I was very excited to hear about Dream Dots, which are overnight treatment patches for spots.  I tested them out throughout the past month – read on to find out what I thought, and more importantly whether they actually work.

Dream Dots form the perfect healing environment for spots, maintaining an ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration level for fast healing, and also reduce any pain caused by spots.  To use the patches, simply cleanse and dry your face, apply a patch over the spot and leave on overnight.  The transparent patch turns white overnight (which is surprisingly satisfying), and is a sign that it’s working.  Dream Dots promise to result in a visible reduction of redness and inflammation when the patch is removed in the morning.

So, do Dream Dots actually work?

Naturally, I did not have to wait too long until my first blemish appeared and I could try out the product. I followed the directions, went to bed and eagerly waited to find out whether the patch would give me the promised results!  When I woke up and removed the patch I found that the redness was definitely reduced and the inflammation had gone down slightly.  Although the spot wasn’t completely gone there was definitely a big improvement to what would otherwise have been a much more in-your-face blemish.  This also made it easier to conceal using makeup.  After testing out the product for a month I found that Dream Dots work a lot better when applying a patch to a spot in its earlier stages, and definitely work a lot better than most other spot treatments I have tried.

I would highly recommend trying them out and keeping some on hand for emergency spot problems!  They are also great for packing with you on trips as they are practically weightless and work fairly quickly as an overnight treatment.

Dream Dots come in packs of 24 patches (€14.95) or 48 patches (€24.95) and are available from here (FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY).

*This post contains PR samples.  All opinions are my own, honest opinions.*