As the weather has started to cool down, there have been so many blog posts and YouTube videos featuring Lush products, which got me very excited!  So I recently popped into Lush myself and picked up a few products myself!

First up, I got Brightside, a bright orange and yellow bubble bar which smells very citrusy, just like sweet oranges/ tangerines!  It contains tangerine oil, bergamot oil and gardenia extract, and when crumbled under a running bath it promises to give you lots of bubbles and turns the water orange.  I previously tried (and loved) The Comforter bubble bar, which smells like sweet blackcurrents, and am so excited to try this one out!

The Sparkler bath bomb is actually not one I was planning on purchasing, but I gave it a sniff as I was walking out of Lush and decided I could not leave it behind!  It smells AMAZING!  The sales assistant told me that it shares the same scent as Rose Jam shower gel (which I may now have to go back and buy).  The Sparkler contains rose oil, Sicilian lemon oil, geranium oil and a little popping candy, and I believe there is a little surprise inside (Some gold glitter perhaps?).  This is a limited edition bath bomb for the Halloween/ Bonfire Night/ Christmas season and so I will definitely be stocking up and the smell is just amazing!

Next up is the Golden Wonder bath bomb!  This bath bomb caught my eye when the Christmas stuff came out last year and I really regretted not purchasing it – however, I made sure to pick it up this year!  Golden Wonder is a glittery gold and rather huge present-shaped bath bomb which smells nice and citrusy.  It contains lime oil, orange oil and cognac oil which are all very uplifting and refreshing scents.  Once popped into the bath, Golden Wonder turns the water a gorgeous turquoise colour with gold glitter and little golden stars.  I’m saving this one for an extra special pamper night!

Although I love having baths every so often, I am normally more of a shower person, so I decided that I wanted to try out one of Lush’s shower jellies!  The shower jelly I went for, Whoosh, has got a very uplifting, refreshing and ‘awakening’ smell, making it especially ideal for morning showers, or when in need of a much needed energy boost.  Whoosh contains fresh grapefruit juice, honey water and organic lime juice (Can you tell I love citrus scents!?).  The sales assistant recommended popping this in the fridge/ freezer for an extra refreshing shower, which I will definitely be trying out on warmer days!

What’s your current favourite Lush product?  Please leave some suggestions for what Lush products I should try out next!