Lately, I have been suffering from quite dry hands, and although I love my Soap & Glory Hand Cream, I felt like I needed something a little bit more moisturising, and so I decided to try out L’Occitane Red Cherry/ Cerisier Rouge Hand Cream.

Although I had heard a lot about L’Occitane I had never previously tried out any of their products, until I received this hand cream as a gift.  And now I can say I will definitely be trying out more of their products!

First of all, the Red Cherry/ Cerisier Rouge Hand Cream smells amazing.  I am not normally a fan of cherry scents, however much to my surprise, this smells very sweet and more floral than fruity – which (pleasantly) surprised me when I first opened it!  More importantly, the reason I love this hand cream so much is because it actually works.  It is so moisturising, and the least greasy hand cream I have ever used – in fact it is not greasy at all!  Once you apply the cream to your hands it literally melts into your skin and less than a minute later there will be no sign of you having applied a hand cream – except for the softness and pleasant smell of your skin!  The Red Cherry/ Cerisier Rouge Hand Cream contains some fine glitter in it – which I did not expect in a hand cream, but it does not bother me at all and makes the hand cream feel a little bit more special to me.

Unfortunately I could not find this hand cream available anywhere in the UK, except for here (sold as part of a collection of 6 different hand creams).  However, I found it on the L’Occitane USA website priced at $12 for 30ml.  If you’re looking for similar hand creams by L’Occitane in the UK, FeelUnique have a great selection, including a Cherry Blossom version available for £14!

What’s your favourite hand cream?  Have you tried any L’Occitane products before?