Giovanna Fletcher

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And today I shall be sharing with your my favourite book that I have read this summer – 

You’re the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher!

[The Blurb]

Maddy, dressed in white, stands at the back of the church. At the end of the aisle is Rob – the man she’s about to marry. Next to Rob is Ben – best man and the best friend any two people ever had.  And that’s the problem.  Because if it wasn’t Rob waiting for her at the altar, there’s a strong chance it would be Ben. Loyal and sensitive Ben has always kept his feelings to himself, but if he turned round and told Maddy she was making a mistake, would she listen? And would he be right? Best friends since childhood, Maddy, Ben and Rob thought their bond was unbreakable. But love changes everything. Maddy has a choice to make but will she choose wisely? Her heart, and the hearts of the two best men she knows, depend on it…

[What I Thought]

‘You’re The One That I Want’ was the first book of Giovanna’s that I have read (although it is actually the second book she has written – *Now on my shopping list!).  It is such an enjoyable read!  The book is written from three perspectives – Maddy’s, Ben’s and Rob’s – three best friends, who grow up together as the book progresses from childhood friends to teens to adults in their mid-twenties. The different perspectives means you get some lovely insights from the three different characters.  The book is full of emotion and all three characters are so likeable (I especially liked Maddy and Ben).  Unlike several other books in this genre which are told only from the girl’s perspective, where she thinks she has fallen in love with one guy (the ‘bad’ guy) and then eventually ends up with the right guy, who has been right under her nose the whole time  – this book focuses on the relationship between three of the closest childhood friends imaginable, and as the book progresses you follow the way their relationship grows and changes, as well as all the complications which arise when love is involved.  I must say I really got into this book – so much that I felt like shouting at Maddy through the pages to offer her my very wise (*ahem*) advice!  The book definitely kept me guessing what would happen until the very end!

I would *highly* recommend this book and look forward to Giovanna’s next book hitting the shelves! 

You’re the One That I Want is available from Amazon for just £3.85 (RRP £6.99)

You can follow Giovanna’s blog here, and subscribe to her YouTube channel here (she recently uploaded her first ever vlog!)