Although I’ve posted a few ‘Favourites’ blog posts in the past I have never posted my NON-beauty favourites – and so, here are my current non-beauty favourites!

1. Glamour Magazine (UK edition)

I was a huge fan of gossip magazines up until last year, however I got quite bored of them since then!  Since then I have become a big fan of Glamour Magazine (UK edition)!  It’s got the perfect mixture of beauty tips, fashion, health advice and is just generally packed with fun, entertaining reads!  Love love love.

2. Pop Tarts in ‘ Frosted S’mores’

I used to *love* these when I was younger but I hadn’t seen them around in years!! So when I spotted these recently I stocked up and they are just as delicious as I remember them being when I was younger!  You just pop a Pop Tart or two in the toaster on the lowest heat setting, and out pops a warm sweet pastry, filled with melted marshmallow and chocolate, and topped with chocolate frosting. *Droooool*

 3. Aviator Sunglasses

I have owned these sunglasses for years now after receiving them as a present, but it is only this year that I have been using them lots!  After years of suffering from headaches whenever I spend too much time in the sun, I figured that protecting my eyes might help – and it has!  Plus, I love their shape.

4. Urbanears Plattan Indigo

I love listening to music everyday and a good pair of headphones is essential for me!  I loved the look of these Urbanears Plattan headphones and they were on sale so I snapped them up and I’m so glad I did!  The sound quality is great!

What are your current non-beauty favourites?

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