Sleek Brow Kit

Sleek Brow Kit

I have been on the hunt for a great (affordable) brow kit for a while now and was torn between the ELF Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit and the Sleek Brow Kit.  Having purchased and loved Sleek products in the past (I’m looking at you ‘Storm’ Eyeshadow Palette!), I decided to go for Sleek!

So today I shall be reviewing the Sleek Brow Kit in ‘Light’.

As with most other Sleek products, the brow kit comes in a plain yet quite sophisticated looking and sturdy black packaging.  It is also very secure once it is closed so there’s no need to worry about it all spilling out into your makeup bag.

Once you open up the packaging, it looks like this!

Sleek Brow Kit

Sleek Brow Kit 

The Sleek Brow Kit in ‘Light’ includes a light brown pigmented wax to define and shape the brows and a light(er) brown powder which sets the wax and helps you achieve a natural finish.  The kit also contains two brushes; an angled brush to apply the wax and a flat blending brush to apply the powder.  Small angled tweezers are included in the kit and it also comes with a rather large mirror.  Score!

Sleek Brow Kit

Now, onto what I think about the kit.

I LOVE IT!  I have a fair complexion and blonde hair and find that the wax and powder are a perfect shade which helps me achieve more defined, filled brows without looking too full-on – it looks very natural.  I find that the wax and powder last all day, until I remove my makeup at night.  The brushes, although perhaps not the best brushes you can get hold of, do their job reasonably well considering they are so small.  This goes for the tweezers too – I don’t find them as easy to use as my Body Shop tweezers, however they do their job considering their size. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this kit.  It helps me achieve a well defined brow look and is perfect for travelling.  

Will I repurchase this once it has finished?  Yes.  At just £8.49 I can’t really go wrong!

What is your favourite brow kit?  What other Sleek products would you recommend?

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